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Holistic health services for the entire family encompassing nutrition, marital, individual, grief and loss, recovery, addiction and general counseling by a licensed MFT and Nutritionist. (Santa Barbara, CA).
Answers Within
Spiritual therapist offers crisis counseling and natural healing for emotional and personality disorders.
Arlene Arnold - Transformational Tools Made Simple
Offers counseling and workshops on visualization, balancing life through color, and clarifying relationships.
Bridges, Branches and Braids
Provides a soft, introspective process that transforms internalized rage into creative service.
Center for Highly Sensitive People
Information and resources for those who are highly sensitive, intuitive, shy, introverted, or spiritual.
Center for Transformational Psychotherapy
Offers counseling, psychotherapy, thought field therapy, personal/career coaching, and educational articles about dealing with anger, depression, codependency, grief, life transitions and growth.
Core Belief Engineering
Answers questions such as what it is, what creates conflict, how it can help and how it is different.
Core Belief Engineering
Unique transformational belief-change psychotherapy leading to more choice, happiness and self-esteem.
Destiny Retreats
Attend a retreat in Sedona, Arizona featuring meditation, cellular theta breathing, silence and nature.
Dr. Jeanette's Center for the New Psychology
Free information about human fulfillment, love, relationships, sex, body and soul care.
Dr. Wanda J. Crews
Psychological services providing the opportunity to be alive as one can be.
Energy Healing
Dr. Peterson provides a conventional approach to healing and also offers newly developing healing methods, some of which are based on Chinese and Indian healing tradition.
For the Little Ones Inside: Robyn Posin, Ph.D.
Support, affirmation and inspiration for deep healing. Reclaiming rest as a sacred act, listening to body-knowing and celebrating the Sacred Feminine.
Good Sam I Am (Good Samaritans International)
An organization dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier, longer. Founded by K. C. Blair.
Hakomi Institute
Organization teaching Hakomi worldwide, and was founded by Ron Kurtz in 1980. Directory of certified Hakomi therapists.
Health Products from Mountain Roots
Mountain Roots provides herbs known for over 3,000 years by Oriental doctors and mountain sages. They are used to cure illness, enhance vitality, maintain sexual vigor, and calm the mind.
A combination of leading edge science, practical information, and easy to use techniques and skills for achieving health, high performance, and personal effectiveness.
Higher Ground Whole Life Resources
Offer many holistic therapies and educational programs including spiritual counseling, holistic movement/dance therapy, reiki, and hypnotherapy.
Provides mental health awareness, enhancement and enlightenment to individuals, couples, families and communities within a holistic perspective focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.
A resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing.
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