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Altea, Rosemary
Spiritual medium and author of books such as The Eagle and the Rose and You Own the Power.
Barron, James Douglas
Author of relationship books, including She Wants a Ring--And I Don't Want a Thing.
Bolen, Jean Shinoda
Official site for the psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, lecturer, and author of The Tao of Psychology, Goddesses in Everywoman, and Crossing to Avalon.
Bono, Edward de
Offers workshops, key-note address, books and videos about how to think.
Bourbeau, Lise
Author of Listen To Your Body and other books.
Branden, Nathaniel PhD
Practicing psychologist, author and speaker.
Brown, Les
motivational speaker and author.
Buscaglia, Leo
author, lecturer, and originator of the ground-breaking 'Love Class' at the University of Southern California.
Cassou, Michele
official site for the author of Life, Paint, and Passion and Point Zero: Creativity Without Limits. Also provides workshop schedule.
Chopra, Deepak
motivational speaker and author. Also includes information about the Chopra Center for Well Being, which offers ayurvedic treatments and seminars.
Collins, Susie and Otto
offers books and audio tapes on finding your soulmate and maintaining your relationship.
Dyer, Wayne W.
official site for the bestselling author of Real Magic, Your Sacred Self, and There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.
Evans, Mandy
Author of Emotional Options and Travelling Free, self help books and tapes based on the Option Method.
Ford, Debbie
author of The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers and Spiritual Divorce.
Forward, Susan
official site for the author of Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them. Features information on Forward's books, appearance schedule, and sound clips.
Friday, Nancy
bestselling author of My Mother Myself, My Secret Garden, and The Power of Beauty.
Fulghum, Robert
international bestselling author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and other titles.
Gaughan, David
offers inspirational quotes and books on prophecy, spiritual love, angel intervention, mystical insight, enlightenment, creative vision, and motivational messages.
Gawain, Shakti
author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, and Creating True Prosperity, among others.
Goldschneider, Gary
writer of the Secret Language of Birthdays.
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