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Power Inside
Provides clients and their therapists with on-line treatment tools which complement face-to-face therapy and improve the quality of care provided.
Psychosis and Spirituality
Papers from a diverse range of people engaged in ongoing exploration of the connection between psychosis and spirituality. Proceedings and reflections on the second psychosis and spirituality conference held at King Alfred's College, Winchester.
Psychotherapy Finances
Helping mental health professionals build their income and make self-pay mental health therapy practices grow.
Radical Psychology Television
Produces films and CDROMs about issues in modern psychology. A lecture series featuring the purpose of dreaming and the implications of REM sleep disorders is available, and there is a how-to interactive series on brief therapy for depression, phobia and trauma now in production.
Rapid Eye Institute
Alternative healing training school for Rapid Eye Technology, an eye movement/blinking process for rapid stress relief.
Re-Evaluation Counseling and Co-Counseling
Teaches a process whereby people of all ages and backgrounds can exchange effective help to free themselves from the effects of past distress experiences.
Ronald and Patricia Potter-Efron
Facilitates workshops intended for mental health therapists, alcohol/drug counselors, psychologists, and related professional audiences. Workshop schedule and list of authored books for sale.
A web based, discharge-planning tool for professionals interested in placing people coming out of treatment centers, detox units, and other institutions.
The Art and Science of Storytelling Therapy
Offers a training seminar on a medium of communication between therapist and client. The therapist incorporates verbal and non-verbal information provided by the client into the formulation and delivery of a story that affects therapeutic outcome.
The Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria
A fully independent research organization with a focus on neurosciences.
World Counseling Network
Participants may promote their practices, list service offerings, sell products.
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