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ABCs of Personal Growth
Psychological tests and quizzes together with book excerpts and a variety of articles.
Ask KRS Edstrom
Free advice column for help with stress reduction, motivation, relaxation, wellness and spirituality. Offers a variety of self-help tools, news and reviews, and details of seminars and retreats.
Coaching Happiness Secrets
Self-improvement tips, information on coaching styles, relationship tips, and sources of self esteem.
Mental health and learning disabilities portal. A worldwide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and learning disabilities.
Coping Today
For those feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed. Free newsletter, articles, support groups, books, and tapes.
Free onsite manuals for coping with a variety of life's stressors including: variety of adult mental health issues and parenting especially dealing with children with disabilities.
Empowerment Plus Inc.
A self managed journey to address concerns in the areas of attention, learning, depression, behavior, and relationships. Includes step by step instructions and useful resources.
Envisage Yourself
Memory improvement techniques, weight loss tips, and a guide to managing stress.
Community dedicated to personal growth with articles, streaming media, discussion areas and shop.
Goal Setting at SparkPeople
Online software and community that helps people achieve many types of goals ranging from fitness and nutrition to leadership and community service.
Gracious Hearts
Inspirational stories from various contributors in an effort to teach wisdom and a better way of living. Has a forum, egroup and free ebooks.
Happiness Project
Designers of the healing and personal development program behind the BBC documentary 'How to be Happy'.
Higher Self Improvement Pursuits
Self improvement tips and tools to accelerate personal development and growth. Practical self help and psychology articles.
Improving Me
Articles, book reviews and personal growth resources.
Inner Bonding
Transformational Inner Bonding healing process and find help with relationships, addictions, parenting issues, aloneness, spiritual connection, anxiety and depression.
Inner Goddess
Mantras, affirmations and inspirational pieces for women.
Inner Strength Training?
Free self-help, self-improvement, personal growth process people can use to strengthen their circumstances, relationships, and their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.
Offers over 500 pages of health promoting content, books, newsletters and products: EMF protection, air purifiers, water purifiers, shower filters, and more.
Jane Firbank
Psychologis and writer offers newsletter, tips, quizzes and articles an a variety of relevant themes.
Mental Health Net
Over 9,000 reviewed resources in self-help, psychology, and mental health, including the books, Self-Help Sourcebook Online and Psychological Self-Help.
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