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Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts
Prepares students to work as hypnotherapists, hypnotherapeutic body workers, and group therapy facilitators.
Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic
Offers natural childbirth by using hypnosis to reduce fear, anxiety, discomfort. Also hypnosis techniques for pregnancy back pain, nausea, reducing hypertension insomnia.
Brookside Center for Counseling and Hypnotherapy
Maurice Kouguell, PhD, offers individual counseling, advanced hypnotherapy mentorship and training programs, certification, and workshops.
Center for Hypnotherapy Certification
Certification courses, individual sessions, books, tapes, workshops, and manuals.
Hypnosis Institute of Texas
Offers live and distance learning hypnosis training.
Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Offers hypnotherapy training, hypnotist books and videos, and motivational seminars.
Hypnosis Training Company
Offering classes, books, and self-hypnosis tapes.
PATH Foundation Hypnotherapy
Offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy training classes, services, and CDs and tapes specializing in Cell Command Therapy and cellular releasing hypnosis for healing.
Paul McKenna Training
Provides hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming courses with NLP inventor Richard Bandler.
SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School
Teaches Imaginal Hypnotherapy.
The Inside Story
Offers hypnotherapy and alchemical training and certification. Also includes astrology services.
The Wellness Institute
Provides hypnotherapy training, focusing on practical clinical skills.
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