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Features a free online food diary and calorie counter designed to help track calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein for each meal.
Online database of food label nutrition facts from the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
Nutrition Explorations
Offers nutrition information for teachers and school foodservice professionals and families.
Nutrition Focus
Nutrition library with extensive information on topics such as vitamins, integrative medicine, minerals, diseases and conditions, life cycles, and gender health.
Nutrition Matters
Resource for advice on nutrition and health treatments by healthcare practitioners.
Nutrition Onestop
Information on the dietetic profession and finding careers in nutrition. Includes career center and referral network for dietitians.
Nutrition Wizard
Creates personalized diets and nutritional programs to support weight training or exercise routine. Includes a nutritional data base of over 6000 foods.
Nutritional Supplement Guide
View charts and element-specific profiles illustrating use benefits, contra-indications, and adult dosages for calcium, iodine, niacin, and zinc.
Nutritional Therapy
Information on the treatment of ailments, illnesses, and medical disorders using diet and supplements to encourage the body's own natural defense mechanisms.
Nutritiously Gourmet
Recipes, cooking term glossary, food and nutrition pyramid calculations, and nutrition newsletter.
Optimum Health with Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Supplements
Discusses the pros and cons of popular nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, and dietary supplements. Benefits, precautions, and tips on buying products.
An educational site on nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental factors which influence women's, children's, and men's health and wellbeing. Includes references to current scientific research in biochemistry.
Peak Performance - Nutrition and Exercise
Variety of sports nutrition and education materials for research and education. Has articles relating to nutrients in foods, calorie needs, and question forum for Registered Dietitians.
Personal Health Information Site
Links to many pages of information and articles concerning various personal health facts.
Southwest Wellness Center
An information clearinghouse on wellness issues. Offers dietary and nutritional programs.
State of Balance
Information on health, sports nutrition, and alternative therapy.
Stop Labeling Lies
Provides information and examples of false and misleading information on food labels.
Supplement Watch
Educates by providing information about the pros and cons of dietary supplementation.
Comprehensive information for consumers about issues affecting the quality of dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and botanical or herbal products.
The Diet Channel
Nutritional articles, diet analysis and body mass index measuring tools, preventative and sports nutrition, numerous links.
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