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BASR Technologies
manufacturers of bulk drugs, organics, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
providing hospitals and homecare facilities with innovative drug delivery systems for iv admixture, syringe infusion, oral and topical drug administration, filtration, and nutritional compounding.
manufacturers and marketers of systems for the delivery of injectable drugs.
Bayer Biological Products
providing information, tips, and international services, focusing on Haemophilia and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.
Berna Products
manufacturers of oral vaccines for international travelers.
Biological E.
manufactures bulk drugs, formulations, injectibles, veterinary drugs, and herbal remedies.
BioPort Corporation
developers of defense and viral vaccines, and plasma derivative products for government and commercial distribution.
BioProgress Technology International, Inc.
manufacturer of gelatin-free soft capsules for dietary supplements, bath oils and paint balls.
Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd.
specializes in dispersible tablets technology.
manufactures homeopathic drugs, nutritional supplements, trace elements, veterinary medicines, and other items.
Braintree Laboratories
manufactures and markets prescription drugs in the areas of gastroenterology and nephrology.
CapPlus Technologies
provider of capsule filling machines, blister packaging equipment, medicine tanks, tumble dryers, econoline tablet press, and compression machinery.
manufacturer of two piece gelatin capsules.
Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Developer and producer of generic prescription drugs.
Catalysis S.L.
offers Viusid, a treatment for all hepatitis types, as well as HIV and AIDS.
Cedarburg Laboratories, Inc.
custom pharmaceutical manufacturer of active ingredients, working under full cGMP and all required FDA regulations.
China Chemical Synthesis Industrial Co., Ltd.
bulk pharmaceutical manufacturer.
China Pharmaceutical Machinery
producing pharmaceutical machinery, including tablet press, coater, granulator, labeling equipment and more.
China Suyu Foreign Trade Corporation
manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and bulk pharmaceuticals.
Citadel Fine Pharmaceuticals
products include antibiotics, analgesics, haematinics, tonics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
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