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Fleming Laboratories
manufacturer of Cinnarizine, Flunarizine, Cyproheptadine, Loperamide, Etidronate Disodium, Cinnarizina, Flunarizina, Loperamida Clorhidrato, and Ciproheptadina.
Formosa Laboratory, Inc.
offers organic synthesis and analytical chemistry for the production of bulk pharmaceuticals and drugs.
produces nutraceuticals, functional food, and cosmetic ingredients with materials from VanDrunen Farms. Custom drying, blending, and research available.
G.C. Hanford Manufacturing Company
pharmaceutical contract manufacturer specializing in injectable cephalosporins for human and veterinary use, penicillins and penicillin derivatives.
Genepharm S.A. Pharmaceutical Company
manufacturer and exporter of a broad range of generic pharmaceuticals.
GeneraMedix Pharmaceuticals
manufactures, distributes, and sells a broad line of generic pharmaceuticals in the U.S. and international markets.
Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd.
specialized in the research, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals based on gene engineering and biochemical technologies.
Hebei Anlin Pharmaceuticals
manufactures medicines, pesticides, and intermediate and raw materials such as azamethiphos, cyromazine, sulfachloropyrazinum natricum, and sulfachloropyridazine sodium.
Hebei Jintong Corporation of Pharmacochemicals
manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw intermediates of cephalosporin antibiotics.
Henan Lihua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
producer of corticosteroids, prednisolone acetate, hydrocortisone acetate, prednisolone sodium phosphate, and more.
Hester Pharmaceuticals Limited
manufactures poultry vaccines.
pharmaceutical company in Malaysia that manufactures generic and ethical products, soft gels, nutritional supplements, and herbal preparations.
manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Huazhong Pharmaceutical Group
material medicine production, preparation processing, science research and development, and trading.
HYD Ltd.
develops pharmaceutical and consumer products for the treatment of neoplastic diseases including cancer.
ImmunoScience, Inc.
manufacturing a quick saliva based test system for home and office for HIV infection. Also doing research on a promising vaccine leading to cure of HIV and AIDS.
Krka Pharmaceuticals
makers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other OTC products.
Martek Biosciences
Manufactures and sells nutritional supplements, amino acids, and other products derived from microalgae.
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