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28 Days
Fertility Awareness Method software. FAM information,discussion forum, product information.
Astro Birth Control
Details about using calculation of lunar phases for a natural and effective method for birth control.
Babycomp and Ladycomp
electronic device for birth control and family planning.
Billings Ovulation Method of Family Planning
effective, natural, cost free, simple method of family planning.
manufacturers of an electronic device that determines the infertile and fertile periods in a woman's cycle for family planning.
Family of the Americas
proposes natural method for achieving or postponing pregnancy.
offers tracking software.
Fondation SymptoTherm
Swiss organization offering support and information on the Sympto-thermal method.
Garden of Fertility: Natural Birth Control & Infertility Treatment
Katie Singer's book, The Garden of Fertility explains Fertility Awareness.
Global Health Options
offers health tips, sexually transmitted diseases information, and contraceptive products.
Natural Birth Control
Ovulation Method. Method and contact information.
Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia
offers information on fertility, Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning, cycle variations, teaching, trials, and research papers.
Philadelphia Natural Family Planning Network
Information on teaching providers in the area, with dates and locations of classes.
Priests for Life
Catholic, pro-life resource that provides the information and tools necessary for clergy and laity to help end abortion and promote the Gospel of Life.
Reliable Natural Birth Control
A natural method with no charting or program to learn.
Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Toni Weschler's official site with information and software for the fertility awareness.
The Fertility Awareness Center
Fertility Awareness Center in New York City. Resources, contact and method information.
Twin Cities Natural Family Planning Center
Information on Ovulation Method, human fertility cycles, and other non-chemical approaches to family planning.
Valley Electronics
offers pocket computer to predict fertile days by temperature measurement.
Web Womb
Fertility indicator and pregnancy tests. Information on the Fertility Awareness Method. Product, contact information and charts.
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