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Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR)
identifies qualified egg donors to assist couples with their reproductive needs including resources.
B Coming
providing services, information, and resources to bring together men and women with egg donors and surrogate mothers.
Center for Surrogate Parenting & Egg Donation, Inc.
facilitates egg donation and surrogacy. Accepting egg donor and surrogate applications.
Dream Donations
works with egg donors and infertility clinics to assist couples in achieving their dream of creating a family.
provides resources and telephone support for independent surrogacy arrangements.
International Fertility Center for Surrogacy & Ovum Donation
coordinates fertility and legal programs for clients.
Law Offices of Sheri E. Cohen
provides adoption, surrogacy, and egg donation services for birth and adoptive parents.
Loving Donation
provides egg donation services and an online database of egg donors.
OPTS - Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy
all-volunteer advocacy organization that provides support, networking, referral and educational services to the infertile community.
San Diego Fertility Center: Egg Donor for You
information source for couples considering fertility treatment with egg donation.
Surrogacy Consultants of Florida
provides parent and surrogate matching and relationship management services.
Surrogacy Solutions
matches and administers the relationship between intended parents and surrogate mothers or egg donors.
Surrogate Alternatives
third-party reproduction, with the assistance of both AI and IVF surrogates and egg donors.
Surrogate Creations
provides services to both intended parents, as well as egg donors and surrogates.
Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc.
provides surrogate parenting services, infertility diagnosis and treatment, and female sterilization reversals.
Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas
services include surrogate and donor screening, matching, case management, medical referral and management, intent contracts, and legal counsel.
Surrogate Parenting Services
The Surrogacy Program
Provides infertile couples with surrogate mothers, oversees surrogacies, and offers an egg donation program.
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