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Chemical Testing Mobile Services
Drug and breath alcohol testing service working with a choice of U.S. Department of Transportation/SAMHSA(NIDA) approved laboratories to fit your needs for maintaining a drug free environment.
About nationwide pre-placement exams and testing, corporate flu programs and case management offered by this company. Corporate headquarters in New York, New York.
Dr. Eric Rumack
Information on this occupational health physician and disability management consultant and services provided. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
FAA Flight Physical: Pilot Medical Exams Facilitated
Connects pilots and flight doctors. Facilitates the FAA aeromedical certification process for class 1, 2 or 3 examinations. Includes an aeromedical examiner (AME) locator with links to AME sites and medical standards information.
Health Care Network
A health care provider of medical and rehabilitation services including a work recovery center, OHS services.
Orthopedic Institute of Texas
A team of doctors, nurses and physical therapists specializing in treating and preventing work-related injuries.
Written and updated by a multi-specialty team of medical professionals. It provides a comprehensive overview of causes and treatments for low back pain, and a variety of services and in-depth features.
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