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Adi Da and Adidam
Introduction to Adi Da and the way of Adidam.
Adidam Gateway
Contains information about the Avatar Adi Da Samraj and his teachings. Includes courses, events and shopping.
Adidam: Los Angeles
Event listings, photographs, and newsletters.
Bhakti Yoga
Classical explanation of Bhakti Yoga with description of specific methods.
Choosing a Yoga Style
Overview of the most common styles of yoga.
Church of the East the Yoga of Jesus
Subscriber based interactive services offer access to various discussion groups, chat rooms, esoteric courses, weekly meditations and teachings.
Eight Kinds of Yoga
Considers that there are eight main branches of Yoga and explains their meaning.
Erowid Spirit Vaults
Information on a yoga which is the transcendence of Gnana, Bhakti and Karma.
The Institute for Real God
Network of sites promoting Adidam.
Vaishnava Philosophy
Yoga defined and the differences between bhakti, karma and jnana explained from a Vaishnava viewpoint.
Yoga Styles
Overview of common practices; emphasis on meditation.
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